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Townhall Webcasts

Townhall Meetings are informal public meetings which provide an opportunity to the members of the organization to come together with the purpose of discussing emerging issues and also to voice concerns and preferences. Employees as well as officials attend a typical townhall meeting that encourages them to talk personally, in a relaxed atmosphere regarding the things that are meaningful to them.

Traditionally, a townhall meeting was organized at a specific location; typically the Head Office and physical presence of the employees was required. Travel and Lodging arrangements for senior executives needed to be made and the budget issues restrained the company from inviting the junior level executives.

In today's era, the Townhall meetings are conducted at a centrally located place and all the branch offices are connected virtually using the webcast platform of Webstream. The branch offices get a unique URL to be able to access the live event taking place at the Head Office. Different types of links are created on low as well as high bandwidth keeping in view the differences in internet connectivity of the users.

Benefits of a Virtual Townhall Meeting

  • Improves reach & motivates employees across the length & breadth of the country.
  • Keeps the employees abreast about the developments in the company.
  • Saves cost in terms of making travel & lodging arrangements for the executives.
  • Recorded Townhalls can be viewed by employees at a later date.
  • Important announcements can be made without having to send separate communication by email or phone.
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