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CEO's Address

This may be an annual or a quarterly event of the organization wherein all the employees across different offices of the organization are addressed by the company's CEO or the Chairman and all sorts of announcements are made. The platform helps in creating a feeling of unity as well as integrity among the employees of the company. The uniqueness of Webstream lies in having the experience to conduct such events at a short notice.

The Technical Team of Webstream set up the elements of production in the cabin of the CEO or in the Boardroom as required. This is instrumental in capturing live the audio, video and the PowerPoint presentation. These are then streamed to a unique URL which is shared with the employees prior to the event.

Benefits of a Live CEO's Address

  • It provides a platform where the vital announcements can be made live easily as well as instantly.
  • It is a tool that is beneficial in motivating the employees.
  • The entire team can be congratulated for their achievements using this platform.
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