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Webcast Receiving

Webstream has been one of the pioneering provider of webcast receiving services and holds a wide experience of conducting as well as implementing more than 1500 events in a short span of last four years. Most of the previous clients have been impressed by our webcast receiving services so much so that they have requested our team to handle the whole webcasting event along with the technical logistics at the webcast receiving site.

The challenges faced by the clients in handling the webcast arrangements at the locations other than the HUB location are as follows:

  • Lack of technical expertise on the part of the Local Rep/DM/ABM.
  • Lack of Understanding in terms of Internet Bandwidth Speed.
  • No time for Pre Event Testing or Coordination.
  • Incorrect Bandwidth requirement given to the Hotel resulting in "buffering" on the final day of the event.
  • Internet line cost overrun due to improper negotiations with the hotel.
  • Dependency on the hotel for the audio visual arrangements resulting in a high cost per location.
  • No single point of contact translating into a coordination breakdown.
  • Field spends more time coordinating the requirements than being productive on the field developing business.

Benefits of Wesbtream's Webcast Receiving Event Logistics Service:

  • Single Point of Contact for all the technical arrangements.
  • Expertise in handling a webcast receiving location.
  • Professionally managed pre event testing.
  • Trained audio visual production teams across 101 cities in the country.
  • Appropriate internet line & bandwidth speed arrangements.
  • Client saves both time & money.
  • Client feels more relaxed & is less anxious.
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