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Video Conferencing is a valuable tool for businesses because it facilitates communication in real-time with both audio and video two way for people present in multiple locations. At Webstream, we offer video conferencing solutions to enable teams to interact more personally, saving travel time and money in the process.

Webstream's Video Conferencing Solutions for Events

Webstream is one of the top providers of video conferencing services in Australia and New Zealand, serving businesses in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and beyond. With our high definition solutions, your search for an end to end videoconferencing solutions provider ends here.

We have an in-depth understanding of the Pharma & Healthcare industry and their communication needs. As a global solutions provider, Webstream has executed over 1500 such events with professors, Domestic Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and speakers based across 93 countries worldwide. Our rich technical expertise is the result of our experiences with producing a variety of events over the years.

Point-to-Point and Multipoint Videoconferencing

There are two types of videoconferencing, the point-to-point video conferencing and the multi- point videoconferencing. If you’re looking to conduct a video conferencing event onsite, such as at a hotel or a hospital in Sydney or Melbourne for eg., you may require point-to-point videoconferencing.

Point-to-point is a simple method by which two videoconferencing equipments can be connected via a simple IP address. Multi-point videoconferencing equipment employs several set-up variations depending upon how many locations are you connecting, also taking into consideration the amount of budget allocated for the event.

Webstream has state of the art video conferencing bridges, both hardware and software based, to connect all your sites along with a dedicated video conference bridge engineer to execute your meetings or events. If you already have offices, hotels or hospital locations in Australia or New Zealand with a video conferencing setup and you want a partner to bridge them all on a high definition video conferencing bridge, we can help.

Our trained VC engineers in Australia and New Zealand video deploy all of the solutions you need at an external event site and can also execute flawless onsite events for you.

Multi-location Videoconferencing plugged in with a Webcast

If you're looking for a hybrid solution that involves both Video conferencing and Webcasting of two or more locations, we can stream the video conferencing sites participating in an event on a single Webcast URL for the benefit of remote viewers not present in the video conferencing locations. This will enable them to view the event online and ask questions.

Web Based Videoconferencing Solution

We also offer a pure web based video conferencing solution that enables 25 to 100 participants in globally to interact in real time and live with sophisticated data sharing, annotation, muting, unmuting, recording and other moderation tools. Attendees can participate through their device camera and microphone with desktop sharing and other moderation tools.

Video Conferencing Rooms on Hire

Need a quote for our Video Conference Rooms in Australia and New Zealand? With rooms in over 93 countries worldwide our booking team can help you find a VC room on hourly basis anywhere, anytime.

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