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Webstream Communications specialises in audio and video transcription for leading businesses in Australia and New Zealand. Webstream delivers professional audio and video transcription services with premium features.

A Client-Centric Business Approach

We work with businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand to provide transcription services for a variety of live events. In just the past year, Webstream has successfully transcribed over 750 live events, including:

  • Online CMEs
  • Webinars and web conferences
  • International Doctors Symposiums
  • Focus Groups
  • Meetings, Seminars and Summits
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Training Sessions
  • Panel Discussions
  • Board Meetings
  • Product Launches

With our multi step review process, we can ensure that high quality transcripts are produced every time. Our clients count on our native English speaking audio and video transcribers to create accurate transcriptions for business use.

Fast, Convenient and Reliable Transcription Services

We have achieved high growth every year since we first began offering transcription services to businesses in Australia and New Zealand.


When we transcribe your recording, clearly there is a need to ensure privacy and security when dealing with your important business files. In order to ensure that your privacy is maintained, we only work with professional and experienced transcriptionists.


If you don't want to or don't have time to record the event, we can provide on-site or remote recording services for you. We'll come to your Australia and New Zealand location to transcribe the event or create a transcript from a digital recording.


Webstream can guarantee the reliable delivery of high quality transcriptions because of our trained transcriptionists who also have extensive experience. We continue to be at the forefront of audio and video transcription technology in order to provide clients with the best possible transcription services.

For more information about our Transcription Services in Australia or New Zealand, Click Here to request a free quote or call us on +61 432 523 660

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