As more and more businesses in Australia and New Zealand go digital, you have the ability to extend the reach of your business communications by using Live Webcasting services. Webcasting, as the name suggests in simple terms, means the broadcasting of audio and video over the web.

Webstream Communications offers both Live and On Demand Webcasting services so that users can enjoy the best, customized experiences. For Live Webcasting, the distribution of media files over the internet service providers occurs while the event is in-progress. With On Demand live webcast services, an event can be recorded and then stored on a media server for later playback so that any user can access the content at a more convenient time once the live event has ended.

Webstream's State of the art Webcast Platform

With our cross-device, cross OS HTML5 compatible web based webcast platform, we can deliver a best webcasting service experience that is completely interactive and matches the bandwidth of the user's internet connection typically known as adaptive bitrate streaming. Our execution capabilities and reach extend both globally and locally across Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. To date, Webstream has delivered over 1000 successful Live and On Demand Webcasts to businesses across Australia and New Zealand.

Platform Key Features

Webstream offers a list of features so that you can create your own customised Event environment:

  • PowerPoint, PDF or Jpeg uploads as Slides
  • PowerPoint Integration separately alongside the video area
  • Patient or Brand Video Playing in a Live Webcast
  • Custom Registration Fields
  • Custom Webcast Page Branding
  • Add to Calendar & Password Protection
  • Live Viewer Count
  • Polling with a timer
  • Custom Feedback Forms post event
  • Moderated Text based Q&A with Short listing of Questions
  • Download of Resource Files
  • Broadcast Messaging
  • Presenter Control for Slides

We even provide the pages for the best webcasting services, including Secure Server sub domains and URLs and password protected links Tracking your event is easy with live viewer counts, eye ball reporting for registered users and exportable registration lists.

Webstream also offers many other services, in addition to webcasting services, including:

  • SMS and Email Blasts before a Live Webcasting Event
  • Professional Shoot & Recording
  • Installation of Internet Lines at Hub Location using various Internet Service Providers
  • Medical Transcription Service
  • Hotel & Boardroom booking in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Auckland, Wellington,Christchurch or any other city of your choice.
  • DVD Authoring
  • Engaging Audio Visual Equipment Providers
  • End to End Webcast Receiving Services at the hotels, hospitals or offices

Why Partner with Webstream Australia?

Webstream's is one of the best providers of webcasting services in Australia and New Zealand. Our clients know that they can rely on us to deliver the best webcasting events with an Event Execution Success rate of 98%. For all of your Live and On Demand Webcasting needs, Webstream Communications delivers a promise and not a service.

Need a quote for our Live Webcasting Services in Australia or New Zealand? Click Here or call us on +61 432 523 660.

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